Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feels Like The First Time

...because it is.  I may be one of the last people to enter the blog-o-whatever you call it.  Even my mom has been blogging for several years, but for some reason I resisted.  Maybe just because all the cool kids were doing it, and deep down I don't think I'm cool.  More likely, I'm just too lazy.

I finally decided to start a blog because I realized people have been enjoying some of my twitterings, and maybe they would enjoy hearing my thoughts not compressed into 140 chars.  Plus, a friend of mine suggested I start writing down my random strange stories, that I could write a better book than David Sedaris.

SO here it is. a blog. WOO HOO! I'm just going to ramble on here, and if anyone actually reads it, let me know if you like it or hate it, or whatever.  Feel free to throw out a random topic you would like me to discuss too. If you know me well, you know I have a whole closet full of soap boxes, and I do enjoy the opportunity to pontificate from time to time.

It is now 2:42 AM. I can't sleep.  My insomnia is not pleasant, but it has not yet reached Fight Club-esque levels. I have now had "I am a Rock I am an Island" running through my head for approximately 9.5 hours.  Worst part? I don't even know all the words.  I would go listen to some music to try and drown it out, but I don't want to wake the baby or the wife, and I toasted my iPod's battery playing Lux in bed (which is why I am now downstairs blogging)

Alright, here it goes.  I will now publish my first (and possibly last) blog post.


  1. You should add a link to your wife's blog,

  2. Maybe affiliate with some other friends... But kidding aside, looks good. hope your insomnia doesn't reach the depths mine has lately. 3 hours is not enough to live on.